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A Christmas gift that reduces your carbon footprint

We are all being encouraged to reduce our carbon emissions — the much publicised website lets us calculate our carbon number and gives advice on how to reduce it. As Christmas approaches, the gifts we buy often further add to our carbon footprint as much carbon has been produced during their manufacture while their packaging, often a large component of the gift, also has to be disposed of.

Use trees to wrap your house in beauty, interest, and warmth

Trees bring a beauty and interest that changes through the seasons. They have a particular beauty at the moment when silhouetted against a bright winter sky, or when they glisten with frost on a cold winter morning. Watch them through spring as their buds develop, their new leaves emerge, and many break into flower. See their fruits grow through late summer and enjoy watching the birds feed on them. Many show a vibrant riot of colour in autumn, then one day the branches will be bare again as they sleep through winter.


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