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Cinema review: Spy

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IN 2011 Bridesmaids was the sleeper hit studios dream of. It cost $30 million went on to gross nearly $300 million. It made Kristen Wiig a star and finally gave Paul Feig the hit he had coming. He had a stellar TV career - Freaks and Geeks, The Office - but he fumbled his first two attempts at the big screen.

Cinema review: Wild Card

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TWO ACTION movies are released this weekend, and while The Gunman with Sean Penn seems to have the bigger advertising budget, Wild Card, with the always watchable Jason Statham, was the one that caught my eye.


Director Guy Ritchie comes back with a bang in this gritty British crime flick Rocknrolla. After his last two disastrous films Swept Away (voted one of the worst films of all time) - starring his wife Madonna, and Revolver, Ritchie’s future film career was depending on the success of this film. So he sticks to what he’s good at - gangster films about drugs, crime, and money.

Boys with toys

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IF YOU are a fan of car chases - and many people are - you may enjoy Transporter 3. Starring Jason Statham, who also featured in Transporters 1 and 2, it attempts to weave a plot around multiple car chases and the occasional shooting scene.


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