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Young people urged to register for referendum vote

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As many as 3,289 young people in Mayo may not be on the electoral register to cast their votes in the upcoming referenda, according to the National Youth Council of Ireland.

Lots of JobBridge participants in Mayo

New figures indicate that the number of interns participating in the JobBridge initiative in Mayo to date is 1,016, with 202 currently enrolled in the scheme. However, a recent report suggests that significant reform is needed to enhance the experience of participants and increase their progression into secure employment.

Mass exodus of young jobseekers as ‘forced’ emigration takes hold

Up to 58,000 young jobseekers in Ireland are likely to emigrate in the next 12 months, according to research conducted by the National Youth Council of Ireland. The findings relate to a study carried out prior to this week’s budget - which showed that 70 per cent of 18 to 25 year olds questioned said they intended to emigrate in the next year unless prospects in Ireland improved. The study also highlighted the wish from students that the Government would invest money in the budget in education and work experience to help stem the flow of forced emigration.

Youth council welcomes call for ‘Mosquito’ alarm ban

A call by the Council of Europe to ban the ‘Mosquito’ electronic alarm device used as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour has been welcomed by The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI). According to Clodagh O’Brien of the youth council, the use of the Mosquito reflected badly on local authorities and private companies “who appear to think it is acceptable to negatively stereotype all young people because of the actions of a few”.

Questions raised over Government recession-tackling measures

As the highest ever number of unemployed people was recorded this week with more than 452,000 now without jobs, Government representatives have rejected claims that Ireland is entering a decade of stagnation due to a ‘jobless recovery’.

State of mental health services for young people a concern for youth sector

The National Youth Council of Ireland is very concerned by the latest report from the Mental Health Commission stating that 200 young people under 18 were admitted to adult mental health hospitals in 2007 while 113 young people have been admitted to adult units in the first half of 2008.

Fuel Watch initiative to drive greater competition at the pumps!

The Consumer Association of Ireland has proposed a three point action plan to Government to assist motorists who have been hit hard by high and sustained petrol and diesel prices in recent months.


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