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Former officer to give insider’s view on Irish army

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Retired Irish army officer, Commandant Edward Horgan, will give an insiders view of the Irish Defence Forces, at a public talk next week.

Shannon protest in solidarity with Margaretta D’Arcy

A protest rally at Shannon Airport, against the US military presence and in solidarity with imprisoned peace activist Margaretta D’Arcy, takes place this Sunday from 2pm to 3pm.

Public lecture on Ireland and Spain in WWII

Almost 80 years after the end of WWII, Ireland still attracts condemnation for being neutrality during the conflict, despite its actual practice of covert Allied support.

Michael D demands Irish troops be withdrawn from Afghanistan

Ireland must withdraw its troops serving in Afghanistan in order to “avoid any misinterpretation” of our policy of neutrality and our reputation as peace-keepers.

Is Ireland neutral? Like hell it is

Irish neutrality will be protected and copperfastened by a Yes vote to Lisbon. Irish neutrality will be seriously undermined by a treaty bristling with military articles, so it is wiser to vote No.

De Valera, the pragmatist hero

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DURING REFERENDA on European treaties - such as during the recet Lisbon Treaty campaign - you will meet the odd excitable type who’ll tell you that he’s voting No because some closet member of Youth Defence or the Communist Party of Ireland told him the treaty would end Irish neutrality.


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