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Adoption of bye-laws to curb anti-social behaviour

The formal adoption of bye-laws on the regulation and control of the consumption of intoxicating liquor in public places which received due pertinence at the monthly meeting of Athlone Moate Municipal District has been unilaterally welcomed by local authority representatives who have expressed their aspirations that the introduction of such measures will curb ongoing anti-social behaviour within the town centre.

Power of daily exercise noted at schools fitness challenge launch

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The recent launch of the 2020 Irish Life Health Schools’ Fitness Challenge highlights the importance of physical activity for better cardiovascular and mental health amongst young people.

Proudly embracing an empathic personal counselling philosophy

With a counselling philosophy based on valuing individual differences, honesty, trust, genuineness, integrity, confidentiality, connection and relationship, Marie Lyons provides individual therapy sessions from her private practice in Ballinasloe.

Mindful self-compassion training for wellbeing

Our mental attitudes, beliefs, and expectations can have a big influence on whether we thrive and prosper or stagnate and decline. Rick Hanson, an eminent neuropsychologist, describes how the brain has a negativity bias designed to keep us safe rather than happy. He says that this makes our brain like Velcro for bad experience and Teflon for good experience.

Convenient location with an attractive price guide

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This home has been newly painted throughout, making it perfect for someone seeking a walk-in home. It is situated in the village centre of Abbeyknockmoy, approximately five minutes from the motorway access.

Study skills

Can you see the movie of your future every single morning? Have you set goals that are realistic or unrealistic? Are you one of those people who sets goals lower than you can achieve because you are afraid of failure? Think BIG and see yourself achieving a big goal, and your brain will start creating the opportunities to help you achieve that goal. Your life will start to fall into place. It is called the law of attraction. If we are positive we will attract positivity into our lives. Visualise success and play the movie of your future and how you want it to be every single day, and the impossible will become possible.

Spend this St Valentine's Day with your loved one at Fat Freddy's

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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it's Fat Freddy's. Yes Valentine's Day is on the horizon and couples are looking for something special to do for their loved one this February 14 - answer - a candlelit dinner at Fat Freddy's Restaurant.

KATS auditions

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KNOCKNACARRA AMATEUR Theatre Society is holding auditions for its spring production in Joyce's Meeting Rooms, Knocknacarra from 8pm to 9pm.

Mindset and Manifest workshop in support of Rosabel’s Rooms

TV stars Jenny Buckley and Andrea Hayes will be joined by Dr Niamh Flynn to host a one-day intensive confidence and success workshop in the Galway Clinic this Saturday, February 1. On the day these businesswomen will share how they have claimed personal power, created positive changes, and applied these skills to help their careers.

A misunderstanding or misinformation when it comes to pedestrians

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Everyone needs to cross the road. This obvious fact can be overlooked when we take our place in the street hierarchy as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian. Roads are simply a means to an end and, however we travel, we seem to want precedence over those other groups, even if we may be part of them when making other journeys.


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