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Can you give a child a safe trusting environment?

There is currently a huge demand for foster carers and Origins Foster Care have a recruitment campaign underway to highlight the ongoing need for foster carers in Connacht. Origins are looking for people interested in fostering:

Bridge sums up a week of pride for city and county

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There was never anything like the visit by the Yanks to get the best delph out in the house. The blue willow cups with the delicate handles and the immaculately-decorated plates which year round never saw our thick fingers, were paraded out to hold hot tea and Irish salads of ham and corned beef and scallions and ripe tomatoes. Lettuce not forget those days.

How to become a psychologist in Ireland

Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes. Psychology is a very popular course choice both at undergraduate and postgraduate level in Ireland. There is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology available at University of Galway, ATU Galway, and TUS Athlone. All of these courses are four year (Level 8) degree courses, offering work placements in a variety of settings in year 3, which will improve any student’s employability.

Make new bridge a symbol of hope and remembrance

I have always had an obsession with bridges. More from an architectural point of view than from the metaphorical images they represent, although as you get on in life, you tend to juxtapose the two wherever you can. The world over, I have stood on and beneath bridges, staring at their girth and wondering how the hell they stay up and what a leap of faith is was for the engineers to venture forth on their construction.

Coping with remote work overload

Q: I’m a member of a remote working team collaborating on a major project – and I’m struggling. It feels like everything has to be scheduled and I never know if people are even concentrating in Zoom meetings. I feel overloaded and I miss being around people. Any tips? (DF, email).

St Patrick’s MHS launches resources to promote workplaces without mental health stigma

With a survey revealing that 22% of people have experienced discrimination at work due to a mental health difficulty, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services has launched a new suite of resources as part of its #NoStigma campaign to explore how to support people with mental health difficulties in the workplace and to highlight the rights of employees who are experiencing mental ill health and the role of their employers.

Go purple this Friday to support domestic violence survivors

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Leading Irish bank warns of rise in motorway text scams

A leading Irish bank has warned about a rise in fraudulent text messages, with fraudsters pretending to be a motorway operator and sending messages urging customers to pay outstanding toll charges or update account details.

University of Galway Alums Bring Play About OCD to Galway Theatre Festival

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Written and directed by Aisling Smith, and performed by Laura Whelan, OCD Me is a one-woman play about living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

How to identify different types of stress during Stress Awareness month

April is Stress Awareness month, and Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, is raising awareness of the types of stress people can suffer from.


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