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The gathering storm

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The threat of another famine in 1879, within living memory of the horror and catastrophe of the Great Famine some 29 years earlier, brought renewed terror to the vulnerable tenant farmers in the west of Ireland. This time it was not just the humble potato, but severe weather conditions which devastated crops and feed stuffs over a three year period. Farm incomes dropped dramatically, landlords fussed that rents would not be paid. Whereas some landlords were patient, others warned that evictions would follow if rents were not paid on time.

The Land War: A desperate duel between Parnell and Forster

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The continued unrest, murders, and large-scale protests as the Land War careered dangerously through the Irish countryside, led at last to some reform. William Gladstone’s Second Land Act of 1881 proposed broad concessions to the tenant farmer. But Parnell, the very effective leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party, was not satisfied. He said that tenants were still vulnerable to rent arrears and poverty resulting from poor harvests. He urged that the Act either accommodate these concerns, or be rejected.

An Irish Republic: The first blow is struck

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One hundred years ago, a series of dramatic events caused turmoil in Ireland, and made rebellion practically inevitable.

Sherry Fitzgerald London Irish property show

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Sherry FitzGerald, one of Ireland’s leading estate agency, will once again bring its Irish Property Show to London on Saturday 1st March 2014. At this event which will be held in The Copthorne Tara Hotel from 11am-4pm, they will be displaying a sample of properties from all across Ireland, giving UK purchasers an opportunity to meet property professionals from several of their offices across the country in one day, and in one location,

Fear and loathing in east Galway

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Week II

Austen’s Women back at the Linenhall

Rebecca Vaughan makes a highly anticipated return visit to the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar with the brilliant one-woman show Austen’s Women on Thursday, November 17 at 8pm.

The Galwayman who founded the Tory Party

The Tory Party is often seen as the bastion of British conservatism, unionism, and jingoism, but it actually owe its name, and possibly event its existence, to a Galwegian.

Opportunity in every market

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At any given time there is opportunity within the property market, and for those involved the challenge is to find the opportunity that addresses their business or personal needs, according to Peter Lyons of Lyons auctioneers ltd.

The Maamtrasna Murders, August 17 1882

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Early on Friday August 18 1882, John Collins, a tenant farmer, having heard disturbances during the night coming from his neighbours’ house, the Joyces, went to check if all was well. He must have feared the worst because he brought with him two neighbours, Mary and Margaret O’Brien. They discovered an appalling sight. Even today, when our senses have been hardened by so many atrocities, it was a scene of savage murder that cried to heaven. No mercy was shown to this unfortunate family.

The last stand of ‘spirited’ Caroline Blake

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