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Bikini body breakthroughs: The latest treatments to get you ready for the beach

Many people have been at the gym or hitting the streets all winter and spring in a bid to get healthy and fit (and yes, hitting the beach may partly be a motivation). Try as they might there is still one thing that eludes them; that bikini body confidence. People hope that that hike up the office stairs and racing for the bus would help but, alas, a little more help is needed to shape up.

All in one

When I was a child, I wore a pinafore to school. I never thought almost 25 years later, I would be back wearing a pinafore, and versions of it, as a fashion trend. I have no idea who is to blame for the return of the “all-in-one” look, but whoever did, must have known it was going to be the must have item for our summer wardrobes. Comfort and style all in one, plus a huge saving on your suitcase space, the jumpsuit, playsuit, pinafore, and dungaree trend have been reinvented for the current season. The jumpsuit has been here for a couple of seasons now, but this year we see shapes and styles change, to make this look more wearable.


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