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Getting the perfect luscious look for your locks in the New Year

Long, thick hair is one of the most sought after styles for women. And little wonder with celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce and Demi Moore all rocking glamourous, lenghty locks on the red carpet.

Hair extension breakthrough

Flip-In Hair is now available at David Martin Hair Salon’s. Flip-In Hair is the new revolution in hair extensions. It does not damage your own hair in any way, as it does not attach to it, it attaches instead to your head by a thin wire that is hidden by your own hair. No clips, no glue, no weaving, no damage! It takes literally one minute to flip in and one second to remove, and is fine to use with thinning or damaged hair.

Extend your expectations in hair

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Want volumised hair? Flip in some extensions

Looking for full, glamorous, luscious hair? Then look no further than Glamorous Hair Design, The Harlequin Hotel, Castlebar, which offers the latest in hassle-free hair extensions — flip-in hair extensions — which will give your tresses length and thickness.

Hair extension breakthrough

Flip-In Hair, the new revolution in hair extensions, is now available exclusively at David Martin Hair Salons.

treat yourself to new hair with a 12 week blow dry

If you wake up in the morning, wash your hair, give it a quick brush, then skip off to work in the knowledge that your hair will dry perfectly straight and smooth, well congratulations!

What is the twelve week blow-dry?

The 12-week blow-dry is a keratin treatment process that transforms the hair in its entirety. Keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair, and nails. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state.


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