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Cinema Review

HOW WAS 2010 for you? Filmwise? What were the films that excelled, the films that were just a waste of time, and those which failed to live up to all the trailer hype?

Leading DJ Krafty Kuts @ Kelly’s

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KRAFTY KUTS, one of the world’s leading DJs, will be spinning the decks at Kelly’s, Bridge Street, this Sunday at 10pm.

Cinema Review - Sherlock Holmes

Guy Richie has managed to claw his way back from the film industry rubbish heap to be once again on top of his game with this exciting and innovative take on the much loved character of Sherlock Holmes. Gone is all that ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’, nonsense and welcome a fast thinking, bare-knuckle punching, slightly mad (but in a good way) detective that is so fun to watch you will be itching for a sequal.


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