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Waste not want not

We are programmed to just buy and not even think about what it is that we are buying. A new grocery experience here in Galway is aiming to change all that, and a visit to The Filling Station on Abbeygate Street certainly is a bit of an eye opener. The concept is simple — the store offers you the opportunity to significantly decrease your consumption of single use plastics by bringing your own container or bag. The shop has a range of foodstuffs and household products — just go in, fill, weigh, and pay.

Join the ever-growing nail and beauty industry

Naoise Martin, owner, lead nail technician, and beauty therapist at Glam Gals, has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Noticing it was very difficult to find good staff qualified in nail extensions, she decided to open her own training academy in 2015 which she now runs together with her beauty salon on Shop Street, Galway.

Soaps, suds and plastic free shower items

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Considering the environment in the decisions and purchases you make in your daily life has now reached a point of necessity. Although in global terms many environmental issues require political drive and legislation, we can adopt a more conscious mindset to help our planet and can begin with even the smallest changes.

Michael J Fox Foundation Funds NUI Galway research into brain repair for Parkinson’s

A team at NUI Galway has been awarded funding of US$300,000 from The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research to develop a novel approach to brain repair for Parkinson’s disease.

Hand sanitisers and sunscreen bad for your car

Bought in ever increasing quantities, hand sanitisers and higher sun protection factor lotion may be good for our health but apparently they can be bad news for our cars. Chemicals found in some such products can react with surfaces, causing them to wear prematurely unless they are protected by special finishes.


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