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Calleary back in big time after he replaces Troy

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Mayo Fianna Fáil TD Dara Calleary has returned to the top level of Government having been appointed Minister of State in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, to replace Robert Troy.

From Barna to Westminster

‘Definitely, I am a Galway girl, very much so, I’m from Barna’, Claire Hanna MP replies when asked where exactly she is from. Claire was on one of her regular visits from her home in Belfast to her birthplace in Barna, Co. Galway, when we sat down last week to discuss her journey from rural county Galway to the House of Commons in Westminster.

The Imperial or Daly's Hotel

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In November 1842, Castlebar businessman Martian Sheridan was declared bankrupt. Dublin auctioneer John Littledale published a list of Sheridan's assets to be sold by public auction.

New exhibition at Galway City Museum marks century since vote on Anglo-Irish Treaty

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Today June 16 marks the centenary anniversary of the general election in which Irish voters had the opportunity to vote for candidates who supported or rejected the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which granted Dominion Status, similar to that of Canada and South Africa, to 26 of the 32 counties of Ireland.

The real worry about Sinn Féin

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The recent Claire Byrne Live special, in which audience members were invited to put their furrowed brows on display, and share with the nation their hesitations about voting Sinn Féin, was, you can be sure, the opening salvo in what will be a relentless attempt by the media to shore up support for Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and the Greens.

Noel Treacy had boundless energy and good humour for public life, says Ó Cuív in tribute

Noel was a person of boundless energy and good humour who worked tirelessly for the people of East Galway, County Galway and the Country throughout a long career in politics. He was totally rooted in his community and was a lifelong member of the GAA as well as being a stalwart of the Fianna Fáil party.

Candidates preparing to contest Westmeath County Council seat as Moran announces departure

Two candidates have declared their interest in a return to the local political arena following the departure of Independent Councillor, Jamie Moran, from the Westmeath County Council chamber.

A change in Taoiseach could be the first of many changes in 2022

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The volatile nature of politics is such that change for the big office holders may only ever be around the corner, but at the outset of 2022 we find ourselves in the unusual position of being guaranteed a change of Taoiseach this year, and this in turn may have a knock-on effect in other areas.

Sinn Féin can win two seats in Galway at next election

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The next General Election in the Republic of Ireland will take place in 2025. However, if the last two years have taught us anything, it is surely that nothing can truly be taken for granted and that “events, dear boy” can, and will, derail all manner of plans and expectations.

The role of the opposition is to make you miserable

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It is a truism of politics that the role of the political parties who make up the opposition is to make you feel miserable, giving you the impression that things need to change, and on that basis, support for those parties will increase in a future election.


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