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Protecting local heritage sites is good for Midlands jobs - McFadden

Local TD Gabrielle McFadden has said that protecting our local heritage sites is good for jobs in the Midlands

Lowering the old wall

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Church Lane was a dark place up until 1983 because of the very large high stone wall that ran the length of it. This was part of a wall that was built around St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church and its adjoining graveyard. The removal of most of the wall and its replacement by the railings that once surrounded Eyre Square was one of the earliest ideas for improving Galway as it prepared for the Quincentennial in 1984. This project transformed the area around the church, making it much more attractive and opening it up to the passing public. It let a lot of light into the city centre.

Restoring humanity and healing the land

Eileen McMahon, a UK based solicitor came to East Clare in June 2008 to take a short sabbatical to write her book on psychological trauma. She had always worked on trauma cases during her 20 years career in personal injury litigation.

The time that Máirtín Plásán was best man at the wedding

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“They’re coming. They’re coming, look! They’re coming at last,” said old John Larry. “ Look at them down in Leighleitir”... “ Who’s winning?” said Micilín Deaid, “It’s not our giorrán by any chance?” “No, I don’t think so,” said another. “There’s a black one in front with a white star”.... “ Come on Garrai Gamhain!” shouted one. “ Come on Leamhcoill!” roared another. “ Up Leitir Í! Said a few young lads. “ Come on Cnoc ar Eas Thoir!” answered others.

Step back in time with Old Galway Pics website

If you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down Shop Street and see trams and horses and carts pass you by, or to walk by the sea in Salthill before there was a promenade, then you should view the website Old Galway Pics.

Painting tips

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Flat or matt (also called vinyl matt) emulsion

Protect the trees on Salmon Weir Bridge, says Ó Brolcháin

While Cllr Michael J Crowe may be ‘sick of trees’, one man who certainly isn’t is Green Cllr Niall Ó Brolcháin, who is concerned about the future of trees near the Salmon Weir Bridge.

Local volunteers offering hope to Kenyans

A group of volunteers from Kilkenny are travelling to Mombosa, Kenya to build a centre of education and training with the Building of Hope Project.

Church bell rings again in Callan Parish church

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For some years now the people of Callan and visitors to the area will have seen the façade of the parish church covered in scaffolding. The good news is that most of the scaffolding will soon be disappearing and people will once again be able to view the newly refurbished lower section of the church façade.

Man dies on church steeple

Tragedy struck the renovations at Ss Peter and Pauls church on the west bank of Athlone yesterday (October 8) with the sudden death of one of the workmen on the site.


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