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Are you tired of feeling tired, low mood, and lack of stamina?

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Food can be your greatest medicine, or the slowest poison if you don’t eat the right foods for your body. At the new Food Therapy Clinic in Renmore, Yvonne O’Shaughnessy, leading food intolerance specialist and nutritionist, offers food intolerance testing using blood analysis of 200 foods, aiming to avoid symptoms such as chronic fatigue, bloating, IBS, weight gain, migraine, skin conditions, constipation, irritability, and sugar cravings.

Food intolerance testing available at The Liosbaun Clinic

Are you tired of being tired?

Do you suffer from low mood and lack the stamina to get things done? Food can be your greatest medicine, or the slowest poison if you do not eat the right foods for your body.

Do food intolerances cause eczema?

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“Frustrated parents, along with irritated children, presenting with itchy, red, bleeding, and puss-filled skin sores are cases we see all too often at The Liosbaun Clinic,” according to Yvonne O' Shaughnessy, nutritionist and leading food intolerance specialist at the clinic. “The occurrence of eczema in children is far more prevalent nowadays, and I see it being related mainly to diet but also other environmental factors a lot of the time.”

Why you can't lose weight — what foods are making you fat?

The IgG weight loss system is a revolutionary way to lose weight using blood analysis. Did you know that despite all your efforts to work out and lose weight, if you are eating foods you are allergic or intolerant to it can make you fat? When an intolerance has developed, for example to wheat, the body will hold onto fluids to protect any potentially vulnerable areas, such as the intestinal tract. This water retention causes puffiness and weight gain.

Food intolerance testing at Health and Herbs

A food allergy happens almost immediately, usually within one hour. This reaction is very evident.

Three Mayo businesswomen in Women of the Year Awards

Three Castlebar businesswomen who won their categories in the Network Mayo Business Awards will take part in the national finals to be held in Drogheda, Co Louth today, Friday September 28. The Mayo winners were Sarah Flood (Snap Mayo, Castlebar) in the Self Employed category, Siobhan Stenson (Cherry Blossom Bakery, Castlebar) in the New Business category and Gerardine Lennon (Lough Lannagh Holiday Village, Castlebar) in the Employee category. Good luck to all three in the finals.

Diet expert helps to give former Galway hurlers another shot at the big time

A leading diet and health expert has given two former Galway county players the chance of fighting their way back into the first team.

Food allergy testing in ISHSKO Centre, Westport

Do you feel bloated after eating certain foods? Are you tired or out of breath at certain times of the day? Do you find you cannot lose weight, and suffer headaches for no apparent reason? If so, you may suffer the symptoms of food intolerances.

Food allergy or intolerance?

About two of 100 people have a food allergy, but many more have food intolerances. Food intolerance is an adverse reaction to a particular food or ingredient, which occurs every time the food is eaten. A food allergy is an allergic reaction to the food.


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