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Get your house in order before winter

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We are unfortunately heading towards the winter months once again and it is time to ensure your home is up to scratch to fend off our harsh climate. Be it getting the heating or plumbing checked, or cleaning the chimney, these are the types of jobs that must be considered at this stage of the year.

Castlebar Rotary Club

Castlebar Rotary Club is holding a film premiere night for the new James Bond movie Skyfall on Friday October 26 at 7.30pm.

Blond Bond is back

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JAMES BOND returns more cynical than ever in Quantum Of Solace, the second film in the franchise to star Daniel Craig. Somewhat unusually for a Bond movie, Quantum of Solace is a direct sequel, beginning almost immediately after the events of Casino Royale.

Cinema Review - X Men Origins: Wolverine

The gorgeous and rugged Hugh Jackman is certainly great at getting his claws out in this action-packed flick but is let down by a rather rushed ending.

Jackman shows his claws

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the first of the X-Men prequel series, giving Hugh Jackman another chance to show off his animal magnetism as we get the back story behind James Logan’s transformation into the fearsome and conflicted Wolverine.


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