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Give yourself a margin of safety

Eoin Everard

Five easy hacks that will make every workout more exciting

Eoin Everard

Three things for runners to consider when including gym work into their schedule

When considering adding gym work or Pilates into your schedule it is first important to ask, what is the benefit? It can be difficult enough to find time for running, yet alone supplementary training, so it is important to ask if it is worth it. As a runner in his mid-thirties who ran sub 14 minutes for 5k and sub eight for 3k this year, I would say yes. I have seen two main benefits from doing gym and Pilates that make them an essential part of my routine.

Five ways to make better health a realistic goal in a busy world

I recently had a great patient of mine in for maintenance work. She had back pain about a year ago and I see her once every two months to make sure ‘everything stays where it should’ as she says!

Runners ready for Connemara 10k

One of Ireland's most scenic athletic events, the 10k Rás Conamara, takes place on Saturday at 3pm.


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