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Start your Mothers Day with this decadently prepared breakfast

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Start Mother’s Day on the right note with a delicious and decadent brunch spread featuring savoury cheese french toast with roasted cherry tomatoes and poached eggs. The annual occasion on which mothers must be treated with ultimate love, care and affection, so involve all the children in the kitchen as you prepare the best breakfast in bed possible!

Eggs — it’s the way you cook them

Mention cholesterol and the first food that springs to mind is eggs. Eggs are a much criticised food; however it seems like this criticism was misplaced as it is saturated fat that is the greatest culprit in raising blood cholesterol. The confusion occurred as eggs do contain dietary cholesterol, but this seems to have little or no effect on blood cholesterol.

Price of eggs set to rise as demand exceeds supply

Egg prices across the EU have increased by 40 per cent so far this year. To date the average price in Ireland has only gone up by five per cent but this is set to change very shortly as the impact of the EU wide shortage of eggs hits Ireland.

A bit of this and a bit of that

This week I have a few different items that may be of interest to food lovers, hence the fairly non-specific title. There are two types of ‘pop-ups’ that have entered our vocabulary over the past few years, the first is a nuisance and it describes those usually unwanted ads which pop up when you are opening websites. The other is somewhat more interesting; it is used to describe a venue for a restaurant or perhaps a retail outlet that will open for one or maybe a few days or nights only. The retail element is the more recent and is perhaps a result of so many shops being vacant and landlords being happy to rent for a few days.

Heart health seminar 

Confused about ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’? Not sure whether to have a boiled egg or not? Are low fat spreads really better than butter?

Urban Arks’ chicken arks

Chicken arks are self-sustained miniature farms that produce fresh organic eggs every day. They provide the best possible environment for keeping chickens happy at home. You will have a supply of high quality fertiliser for your raised-bed vegetables. All of the products are hand-made in Ireland using native timber from managed forestry. The chicken coops are strong, durable, and maintenance free.

Decorate your Easter egg

An Easter egg decoration workshop will take place in MIA on Friday April 2 at 11am.

Eggs — a local food for any time

With all the talk of an economic meltdown it’s easy to consider locally produced food as a luxury that is for many beyond reach. The truth of the matter is fortunately far different — it’s possible to walk into almost any shop in Galway and find locally produced free range eggs.

Duck — a tasty treat for any occasion

Duck meat is succulent and full of flavour but all too often only consumed on special occasions. There are many breeds of duck, each with its own distinctive culinary attributes. The Indian runner, Aylesbury, Peking, Norfolk, Long Island, Gressingham, Barbary, Rouen, and mallard are just some of the species of duck available for the table.

Family Easter party

A fun filled day for the family will take place in aid of Special Olympics on Easter Sunday from 2pm to 5.30pm in Breaffy House Resort. There will be lots of free Easter eggs, bunnies from Petworld, a bouncing castle, face painting, live music by Silver Circus, and an egg hunt. Admission is €5 per person or €20 per family (two adults and three children).

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