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BIA Devil

This week I have a few different items that may be of interest to food lovers, hence the fairly non-specific title. There are two types of ‘pop-ups’ that have entered our vocabulary over the past few years, the first is a nuisance and it describes those usually unwanted ads which pop up when you are opening websites. The other is somewhat more interesting; it is used to describe a venue for a restaurant or perhaps a retail outlet that will open for one or maybe a few days or nights only. The retail element is the more recent and is perhaps a result of so many shops being vacant and landlords being happy to rent for a few days.

The original of the species started in Paris and New York with homeowners opening their dining rooms for a meal “for one night only”. It was advertised through foodie blogs and social media sites and, of course, word of mouth. When the dinner was over you made a ‘donation’ to the host/hostess, thus overcoming the possibility that the money could be described as income. This idea has moved on to charity events and can be a great way to raise money.

A group of local trainee chefs will hold a gala pop-up dinner experience in aid of Galway Hospice on February 27, doors open at 7.30pm. It is being held at St Mary’s secondary school and there will be a seven course meal with some wines, plus others you can purchase on the night. The menu will have venison, shellfish, fish, chicken, starters, sorbet, homemade speciality breads, and desserts, and costs €50 per person. Tickets are available from Galway Hospice and by calling 091 770868. There will also be entertainment and live music. Their aim is to have 200 guests and I reckon it will be a great night, it is certainly a worthy cause, so why not organise a gang from work or a group of friends.

Diet for sustaining memory

There seems to be an increasing amount of research which shows that if you want to do your bit to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s in later years then a diet which contains fruits, nuts, whole grains, and omega 3 fats from fish is something you should be considering. It has been discovered by the use of neuroimaging that the disease starts 10 to 15 years before it is evident, therefore we should undertake whatever measures we can to protect our brain health in later years. Other goodies are all the B vitamins plus vitamins C, D and E. Eggs are good for you with the exception of fried eggs, and baked or grilled fish. The baddies are things like damaged fats, ie, those fats found in fried and processed foods.

Strawberries that smell and taste like the real deal

I picked up a small carton of strawberries in Lidl the other day and smelled them for freshness. I was amazed at the wonderful aroma and wondered if they would taste as good as they smelled. Yes they did, I am not a fan of out of season strawberries but these were exceptional, the brand is Bella and they come from Andalucía in Spain.

KC Blakes, Cross Street

I had a meal here last week and, while not out to do a review, I feel it is worth a comment. Every single item we had was excellent, as was the service. It is rare that one is impressed by every item, but in this case I could not find fault. We had starters of calamari, monkfish, and chicken satay and also a goat’s cheese dish. For mains we had Dover sole on the bone and the gourmet burger. The wines by the glass are both excellent quality and generous in portion size. An excellent meal all round.


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