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James Connolly and why he still matters in 2018

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“Socialism will confiscate the property of the capitalist and in return will secure the individual against poverty and oppression; it, in return for so confiscating, will assure to all men and women a free, happy, and unanxious human life. And that is more than capitalism can assure anyone today.”

A ‘fumble in a greasy till...’

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‘The proposal to build an art gallery over the River Liffey to house the donation to Dublin of Sir Hugh Lane's art collection has been strongly criticised by the businessman and newspaper proprietor, William Martin Murphy.

‘Ashamed, as one often is, of Dublin’

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In the closing weeks of the summer of 1913, there was intense activity at Coole Park, the heart of the Celtic Literary Revival. The considerable energies of both Lady Gregory and WB Yeats were fully committed to supporting Gregory’s nephew Hugh Lane, and his quest to establish a municipal gallery of modern art in Dublin.

When we weren’t all in it together

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THE AVERAGE commentator on an Irish internet political discussion forum holds two opinions. First: that, unlike the French or the Greeks, the Irish will never stand up and say no.

Public lecture on 1913 Galway lockout

Most people know something of the Dublin lock-out of 1913, in which James Larkin’s ITGWU faced an Employers’ Federation led by William Martin Murphy.

Susie to be honoured by Labour Party

The late Susie Long will be honoured at the Labour Party conference in Kilkenny this weekend when she will be posthumously awarded the James Larkin ‘Thirst for Justice’ award.


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