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Let's go outside

We have many restaurants and cafes that are fantastic come rain or shine, but as what is rare is wonderful, there is something special about being able to dine outdoors in Galway. Whether you are grabbing a sandwich from McCambridge's and heading to the 'Sp'arch', or having the full three courses outside Kirwan's Lane, it is hard to beat a bit of al fresco. In a city full of well utilised nooks and crannies there is plenty to choose from, apart from obviously the entirety of Quay Street — here are just a few of our favourites.

The rise of the gourmet burger

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According to many, the story of the hot dog begins in America in 1902 during a Giants baseball game at the New York Polo grounds. It centres on an English man called Harry Stevens who on that cold April day was losing money trying to sell ice cream and ice-cold sodas. He wanted something that could be eaten out of the hand and would stay warm, and decided that German dachshund sausages wrapped in long buns worked best. Stevens called them 'red hots'. An American cartoonist who could not spell dachshund renamed them 'hot dogs'.

Less than two weeks to Food On The Edge

There are less than two weeks to go to Food On The Edge 2017, Galways’s annual gathering of world-class international chefs, food leaders, and experts, taking place on October 9 and 10.

Paisiún Presents: "Letting Go"

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We would be delighted if you could join us on June 4th @ the Árus na nGael courtyard to enjoy insightful talks, live music, local food, interactive art, honest conversation and dancing like nobody’s watching.

Milano on Middle Street

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It is easy to see why many parents of young children avoid restaurants and prefer to eat at home. The thrown food will hit only members of the immediate family, and few things match the embarrassment of a meltdown in a restaurant. But sometimes it’s necessary, and even fun, to eat out. Many parents want to dine out in a way that doesn’t involve plastic trays or eating leftover cocktail sausages while watching over your child in a pool of multi-coloured balls. It is important to choose a child-friendly restaurant, preferably one casual and loud enough to absorb any noise your little darlings might make. Years ago, before Dominos had come to town and Papa Johns was not even invented, there were only two options for pizza, for two different stages of your life. Monroe’s in Dominick Street was our preference for a slice before children, a great pre– or post–pub spot. In Galway, when you first have a baby, the traditional starting point is Milano on Middle Street.

Go with the Flo at The Gourmet Offensive

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Abbeygate Street has been transformed in the last couple of years from a down at heel shortcut to a bustling community of small cafes, restaurants, and shops. There are now so many places to choose from that this diversion from the main drag has become a hub of good food in Galway. The turn of fortune for this address can be directly linked to The Dough Bros taking up residence here, causing a huge increase in footfall. With their queue regularly streaming out the door, the many empty shopfronts were soon filled with a variety of diverse eateries to take up the slack and join the dots between the existing eclectic retailers, giving the area a new lease of life and identity.

Man has jaw broken following late night attack in Woodquay

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The brother of a well-known businessman in Galway was the subject of a serious assault over the weekend. Ronan Greaney, whose brother Eugene runs Dough Bros pizza parlour on Abbeygate Street, had his jaw broken in the incident.

Galway food and craft fair features 50 local producers

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Fifty local producers join forces for the annual unmissable free Local Food, Craft and Gift Fair at the Black Box on Saturday and Sunday, November 14 and 15.This event is a fun, full day out for all the family. It’s also a mecca for foodies, a one-stop-shop for Christmas gift ideas and a showcase for some of the best local craftspeople.


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