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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Aspiring students receive Leaving Cert results as outcome of Brexit talks imminent

There is no doubting what is the main issue in Ireland this week, and it is that of the Leaving Cert results on Monday, and then on Friday the first callout from the CAO.

A man and a Movement Perfectly Matched

Donald Trump is the worst president the United States has ever had - a lying, bigoted bully, a racist, a serial abuser of women, a many times failed businessman, a vulgarian who has diminished the international stature of the United States, a man with no sense of shame for the crude and offensive things he has said and done.

Pandemic puts paid to talk of Brexit

Hello to all the readers of this fine newspaper, which has kept going despite the difficulties we are all encountering.

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Rosemount native notes personal impact of COVID-19 from US base

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Rosemount native, Barry Fielding, and his wife Grace, who hails from Tubber, both now resident in Jersey City in the US, spoke to the Athlone Advertiser this week, as COVID-19 personally impacted upon their daily lives in recent times.

Detrimental impact of coronavirus as country still awaits formation of Government

I hope you all survived Storm Jorge. Apparently, the ‘J’ and the ‘g’ are pronounced as ‘h’ so just to make it easy we will call it Storm George.

Politics in 2020 - what can we expect?

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With the phoney war finally over, and the General Election upon us, the election and its aftermath is now the only thing occupying the minds of politicians and political anoraks. However it is by no means the only thing that should interest us.

Show Me The Funny comedy competition returns for 2020

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THE YEAR has barely begin and already Donald Trump and Iran's activities are bringing World War III closer, Australia burns, climate change rolls on...we really need good reasons to laugh right now.

US abortion ‘Protest Priest’ returning to Galway for more pro-life activism

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Fr Stephen Imbarrato, the US pro-life activist Catholic priest whose exorcism outside an abortion clinic near Dublin attracted widespread international media coverage, is planning to return to Ireland in February and to include Galway during his time here.


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