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Healthy movie munchies

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This week’s Oscars may have sparked your interest in a trip to the movies, but beware - you may not be going to see a horror flick but watch out for the cinema snacks which certainly can make a horror out of your trip.

Christmas party snack ideas

Going to a Christmas party this year or hosting your own and want to keep the weight loss plan on track? Then choose your nibbles carefully this December…

Lose up to 10lbs in three weeks with System 10

Is your metabolism stopping your weight loss? Do you suffer from any of the following?

Tips to help you with your diet resolutions

The Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service of HSE West offer 12 tips for successful weight loss:

Not so saintly?

The Advertising Standards Association (ASA) in the UK has hit out at the advertisement for Maltesers that tells consumers that Maltesers contain less than 11 kcals per sweet. This is not because it is factually wrong but more because it portrays Maltesers as a healthy low energy snack. A product can only be described as this if it contains less than 40 calories per 100g; Maltesers contain 505 per 100g. Mars, who manufacture Maltesers, claimed it was a factual reference to calories and did not suggest the sweets were low energy - decide for yourself!

Party food – navigate away from the pounds

The Christmas party season is upon us and this can be a make or break time for our diet. With both food and drink flowing, how can you be sure that this party season can be a diet-maker and not a diet-breaker?

Easter Bunny ruins weight loss plans!

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Easter has a habit of throwing even those with the best intentions off course when it comes to healthy eating. However, all that chocolate need not mean an end to healthy eating.

Losing weight - do we expect too much?

We all hear talk of Body Mass Index (BMI) and healthy weights, but what actually counts when losing weight? Do we have unrealistic expectations of how much weight we can and should lose?


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