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Woman admits Pampers theft was ‘stupid’

A woman with seven previous convictions for theft was before Castlebar District Court for stealing four packets of Pampers nappies and a can of Red Bull from a local shop.

Dealing with nappy rash

Nappy rash is a spotty, red inflammation of the baby’s bottom which is painful and itchy. In mild nappy rash, there will be a pink rash, usually made up of small spots, or blotches. Symptoms of severe nappy rash include pain, bright red spots, dry, cracked and broken skin, swelling, ulcers, and blisters on the skin. In severe cases, the rash will cover more than 10 per cent of the nappy area, and may spread down the legs, or up to the tummy. General advice includes:

Baby power

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Natural skincare brand, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment “rubs good moisture in and seals bad moisture out,” acccording to the makers.

Introducing a pet to your new baby

Animal shelter workers report that many people who surrender their pets cite a new baby as their reason for doing so. Yet many other families have successfully brought a new baby into their home and managed to keep and enjoy their animal friends.

Women told court they stole nappies because they could not afford them

Two Castlebar women who pleaded guilty to theft of a packet of nappies each from SuperValu, New Antrim Street, Castlebar, were ordered to pay €15 each to the store this week in Castlebar District Court.

Baby’s room

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From the moment you bring your precious infant home, his or her room will become a special place for you and your child. Even if you keep your baby in your bedroom at night for the first few settling-in months, you will probably use the baby's room for changing nappies and other everyday tasks. The sooner you and your child feel comfortable in the nursery, the better.

Waste management — reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle — we've all heard the slogan by now. Are we aware of the importance of the message that slogan carries? Are we taking it seriously and doing anything about it? As there is not much room in the current landfills, we have to be very strict in what we can comfortably allow into them. In a way, it might be considered a good thing, as it should make people alert and more concerned about waste, making them think of it from an environmental point of view. But does it?


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