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Allow asylum seekers the dignity of work

The most valuable possession any person has is his or her dignity.

Southern Gaels seize Throne of GAAmes

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You’ve heard of Game of Thrones, but have you ever heard of the Throne of GAAmes? Local hurling club Southern Gaels have acquired a novel item for their participation in this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade - the Throne of GAAmes.

Refugee families to be resettled in Athlone


How to deal with the refugee crisis in the age of Trump

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Building a wall along the Mexican-American border; banning people from a number of Muslim majority countries from entering the US; 'Fortress Europe' against the needs of Syrian civilians fleeing war - the last two years have seen opinion turn against immigrants.

Reduce wrinkles and sagging skin with silica

Silica is a necessary trace element in the human body. As a main component of collagen, it is critical for the formation of joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone and lung tissue, blood vessels, as well as skin, hair, and nails.

Syrian refugee family met by protest outside Castlebar home

A protest was staged on Wednesday outside the offices of Mayo County Council in Castlebar over the housing of a Syrian refugee family in a local authority estate in Castlebar.

Australia offered some relief for Famine orphan girls

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The extreme winter conditions of 1846/47 exacerbated the mounting crisis that the Great Famine had already created. The number of deaths from hunger in Galway town averaged between 25 and 30 a week. As well as the main workhouse on Newcastle Road (now the University College Hospital) auxiliary workhouses had opened at Barna, Newtownsmyth, Merchants Road, St Helen Street, and in Dangan. Six soup kitchens operated throughout the town feeding some 7,000 people a day and more as newcomers streamed in from rural districts. On one bitterly cold morning two children were found frozen to death on High Street. Another child dead nearby.

NaPro, the restorative approach to your gynaecological health and natural fertility, available again in the west

After providing NaPro FertilityCare for 10 years in the Galway Clinic and for one year in the Beacon Court in Dublin, Dr Caroline Guindon has started to practice again in Galway. Her practice opened on October 4 in the Arlington House Medical Centre in Oranmore.

Revolutionary painless needles used for anti-wrinkle treatments now available at Therapie Athlone

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Scared of needles? You aren’t alone; as many as one in every 10 people are frightened of needles, and have stated that it might put them off having treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections.

Mayo has a strong history of assisting refugees

In only a matter of days, the first of 86 weary, desperate, human beings will arrive in Mayo as refugees from war ravaged Syria. That figure is made up of 20 families, of which sadly, more than 40 are young children forced to live a life that no child should ever know. They are escaping a complex war being fought by President Bashar al-Assad's government, Syrian rebel groups, ISIL, and foreign allies on both sides. That Mayo is one of only eight counties taking part in this resettlement programme should come as no surprise. Our county's history of reaching out to and accommodating suffering populations is a trait of which we can be proud.


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