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Shirtless man covered in blood arrested in Belmullet hotel

A man who was shirtless and whose hands were covered in blood when arrested in the Broadhaven Hotel, Belmullet was before Belmullet District Court this week.

Judge takes time to consider jail time for drunk driver

Judge David Anderson has said he won’t make up his mind yet whether to jail a Mullingar man who pleaded guilty to his third drink driving offence.

Drug minder finds himself in court after house search

“I was only holding it for someone,” was the response given by a young Mullingar man when gardaí found close to €800 worth of drugs at his home.

Judge encourages use of Derelict Sites Act

The Derelict Sites Act should get more use, particularly in relation to properties owned by local authorities. That was the view of Judge David Anderson at the recent sitting of Mullingar District Court, when he imposed a €1,000 fine on the National Housebuilding Guarantee Company Ltd who failed to comply with a derelict sites notice.

Haulage company puts animal above driver’s welfare

A Westmeath company has been fined €15,000 for breaches of road safety legislation, including an offence which saw one driver on the road for more than 13 hours.

Brother follows sister to the ’Joy for 20 months

A convicted arsonist who pleaded guilty to theft, assault, trespass and possession of a knife, all committed whilst on bail, was given the exact same 20-month sentence his sister received in the same court only a week previously.

€350 fine for boozy bus ban man in boot

A man who was found asleep in a stranger’s car at Athlone railway station after being refused admission to a bus for being too drunk, was fined €250 in the District Court this week (February 2).

Teenage girl goes to jail for 20 months

An habitual thief who managed to give up heroin but not stealing, was sentenced to 20 months in prison this week (January 26) in the District Court, after the judge heard her plead guilty to a further 10 offences committed while under a suspended sentence.

Two year driving ban for 18-year-old caught twice driving without insurance

An 18-year-old mother of one was given a two year driving ban in Claremorris District Court this week. Aiste Adamonite, 24 Meadow Court, Claremorris, pleaded guilty to both charges in court.

Driving ban for man who was collecting child from birthday party

A Claremorris man who was detected driving without insurance as he went to collect his child from a birthday party was banned from driving for a year this week in Claremorris District Court. Dainius Senuta pleaded guilty to the offence in court.


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