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Councillors and candidates must stand against anti-Traveller and anti-migrant prejudice

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We saw the signs in the presidential election. The punching down of a billionaire against a scapegoated indigenous minority has sparked a furious debate around racism on our little island.

‘We have to put our biases under the microscope'

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EMILY CULLEN is a poet, an academic, a harpist, and, in April, will preside over her first Cúirt International Festival of Literature as programme director. Cúirt has been a passion since her student days, and now in a position to run the festival, she has a vision for it that places 'diversity' at its core.

Rhetoric and reporting as the season draws on

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” - Leonard Cohen.

Passing of a woman who let in the light

Sitting there in the darkness, sobbing, waiting for a dawn to arrive knowing that it might bring some reprieve from the misery, thousands of abuse victims in this country must have wondered if there ever would come a time when what was being done to them would be classed as wrong, illegal, depraved.

Belief can make all the difference

Belief in your own ability a hugely important aspect of success in your life. Padraig Harrington’s career is an illustration of the power of self-belief.

Close shave for man who steals over €170 worth of razors

A Limerick man, with 63 previous convictions, had a close shave this week when he avoided having to serve extra jail time after stealing more than €170 worth of razors.


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