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ZhOra to bring the progressive-metal

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TAKING THEIR name from a character in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, ZhOra play an original, heavy, aggressive, and progressive kind of metal.

Zechs Marquise to bring on da funk

IF SLY Stone and Isaac Hayes had ever teamed up with Yes and King Crimson, the end result might have been something along the lines of Zechs Marquise.

Get into the Groove Theory

COMBINING CLASSICAL, jazz, rock, blues, and folk is usually referred to as prog rock, eg, Yes, ELP, King Crimson, etc, but sadly that style of music has got a bad name. Hence a new approach - Groove Theory.

Shooting the Breeze

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Horslips matter. They mattered in the 1970s and their reunion proves they matter still. Why? Perhaps, to quote from the opening narration of Return of The Dancehall Sweethearts, the 2005 documentary on the band, “We saw in Horslips something that was ours, something that was of us...[they are] part of what makes us, us.”

Acid Mothers Temple return to the Róisín Dubh

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FOR THE third time in the space of just over 18 months - and we should feel privileged by this - Japan’s Acid Mothers Temple play the Róisín Dubh on this Tuesday at 9pm.

Japan’s LITE

The spirit of the Samurai warrior and the Japanese world view of wabi sabi looms large over Japanese post-rockers LITE. It’s what accounts for the extraordinary tension and release in their pulverising, guitar driven, music.

The Lion’s Mane, launches debut album ‘Strands’ online

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Formed early in 2008 by Alan Dawson, The Lion’s Mane began as an online experiment for the multi-instrumentalist.

South and The Lion’s Mane play pre-tour warm-up gig

Two of Kilkenny’s most popular upcoming bands The Lion’s Mane and South will take to the stage in Cleere’s Theatre this Saturday, for a warm-up gig before the official launch of their individual debut albums, in Whelan’s (Dublin) on July 31.


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