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Escalation of anti-social behaviour concerns city councillor

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A Galway city councillor has expressed his concern regarding the increase in anti-social behaviour in Galway City.

Escalation in anti-social behaviour incidents now a major concern

Two local Councillors have expressed their deep concern with regard to the escalation of anti-social behaviour on the main streets of Athlone.

Art reviews: Performaphilia and Conflict

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ONE SIDE-EFFECT of Galway not having a municipal gallery is that exhibitions pop up in various venues and two current shows worth seeing are in the NUI Galway staffroom, which is hosting Áine Phillips’ Performaphilia, and the Black Gate Cultural Centre, where the group show, Conflict, is on display.

Krav Maga eXplode for kids and teens

Every day our children are in various situations where inappropriate and often violent behaviour occurs. Krav Maga eXplode for kids offers some of the highest quality self defence, bully prevention, personal development, and physical fitness training for children in a fun, dynamic, and encouraging environment.


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