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Nutrition to support smoking cessation

In January many of us make positive lifestyle changes, with quitting cigarettes being one of the top New Year’s resolutions. This is brilliant news with more than 5,200 lives lost to tobacco related illness each year in Ireland. We are now over halfway through the year, have you still stuck to your resolution or have you, like many, found the temptation too hard and abandoned your efforts?

Healthy eating for children

Honor Geraghty, nutritional therapist and graduate of CNM, believes that it is imperative to teach your children healthy eating habits now, so that you will perpetuate a healthy lifestyle for them well into their later years.

Open day at CNM

Does the connection between good health and what you eat interest you? Have you ever considered studying for a career in nutritional therapy? You can find out more at The College of Naturopathic Medicine’s open day at the Salthill Hotel, Galway, on June 14 from 1.30pm to 6.30pm.

Natural medicine event at Evergreen

Natural medicine is becoming more and more popular as people seek to have greater control of their health. It is a patient- centred model of care whichpromotesself responsibility when it comes to our wellbeing. The public have become increasingly aware of the connection between wellness and nutrition and increasingly opt for a drug free approach or an integrative approach to prevent, stabilise, and reverse disease processes.

Free natural health talks

The College of Naturopathic Medicine is hosting an evening of free natural health talks on Thursday September 26 in the Galway Cultural Institute in Salthill. This will be an enjoyable and informative evening for anyone who is interested in the field of nutrition.

Nutritional therapy training in the west

Sometimes I feel quite anxious for no particular reason, can this be helped by good nutrition?

Positive career change - nutritional therapy

In recent years there has been a huge increase in awareness of the relationship between nutrition and health. As a result more and more people are seeking the advice of nutritional therapists. A three-year diploma program (part-time) is now being run in Galway.

The importance of iodine in pregnancy

According to the most recent research, pregnant women who are deficient in iodine are more likely to give birth to children with lower IQs and reading abilities. Iodine is necessary for optimal thyroid function. It is an essential element in the production of thyroid hormones, which are needed for normal brain growth and development in the foetus. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy has been associated with increased incidence of miscarriage, stillbirth, and may cause neuro-developmental problems. In extreme cases of iodine deficiency, the congenital condition cretinism can occur, which results in irreversible learning disability.

Discover the benefits of nutritional therapy

Eating a predominantly plant based diet can have very positive effects on both physical and mental health. Rosanna Davison, final year nutritional therapy student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, switched over 18 months ago. “Within two weeks I began to notice the many benefits, including improved energy, sleep, mental clarity and calmness, improved immunity, and increased fitness and muscle tone,” she said. “I have learned the true secret to improved long-term health and weight management, and what’s more that it is really easy.”

Excellence in nutrition education in the heart of Galway

Everywhere you look these days you can see an increasing awareness of the link between good nutrition and wellness, and the evidence is mounting that disease can often be prevented, stabilised, or even reversed by changing how we eat.

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