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Cholesterol — what is it?

Cholesterol is found in the fats in your blood and is a waxy substance that your body needs to build healthy cells. However high cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease. There are two types of cholesterol, LDL and HDL. In simple terms, LDL is considered the ‘bad’ cholesterol. LDL carries cholesterol from your liver to the cells that need it, and if there is too much cholesterol for the cells to use, it can build up as plaque on the artery walls. This can contribute to heart disease or even stroke. VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) is similar to LDL in that it contains mostly fat and carries another type of fat, triglycerides, in the blood. Excess calories, alcohol, or sugar in your body are converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells throughout your body.

Free cholesterol checks at Matt O'Flaherty, William Street

This week Matt O’Flaherty Chemists, William Street, is offering customers a free cholesterol screening. An increase in heart disease is a growing concern with many customers, and this event is an action to support those who wish to modify their lifestyle, by allowing them to understand how to get in control of their cholesterol levels.

Eggs — it’s the way you cook them

Mention cholesterol and the first food that springs to mind is eggs. Eggs are a much criticised food; however it seems like this criticism was misplaced as it is saturated fat that is the greatest culprit in raising blood cholesterol. The confusion occurred as eggs do contain dietary cholesterol, but this seems to have little or no effect on blood cholesterol.

Ask your pharmacist to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions

With many of us abandoning our new year’s resolutions almost as soon as we begin, pharmacists are reminding people that they are there to offer support to those who want to have a healthier lifestyle.

Dawn Meats’ inaugural Health Week kicks off at Mayo plants

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Dawn Meats, the premium supplier of choice to supermarket, food service, and restaurant businesses, last week launched its inaugural Health Week at its Mayo plants. Health Week is just one of the campaigns that will run in the coming months as part of Dawn Meats’ Work Safe, Think Well initiative to increase the awareness of health and safety across its network of seven locations in Ireland.

Call to action from heart charity on World Heart Day

Local heart and stroke charity Croí is calling on young and old in Mayo to “Take Action for a Healthier Heart” as it announces the details of a public talk to mark World Heart Day during September, in association with the HSE West’s Mayo Primary, Community and Continuing Care Department.

Mayo Healthy Living Month

This week, Ailish Houlihan, Croí nurse lead, Mayo Action on Heart Disease and Stroke programme encourages you to know your risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Beat heart disease the natural way

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A natural approach to heart health being spearheaded by a local GP/medical herbalist and her team aims to help people avoid unnecessary medication.

Cholesterol Roadshow is coming to Westport

Mayo woman shortlisted for Astellas Changing Tomorrow Award

Anne Marie Walsh, a native of Claremorris, and her team, have been given national recognition for their remarkable efforts to improve the future for patients in Ireland. The Croí My Action — an innovative community based cardiovascular disease prevention programme — is one of 14 inspirational initiatives out of 109 projects entered, which have been shortlisted in this year’s Astellas Changing Tomorrow Awards.


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