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Tiny Traders village to relaunch in Nun’s Island Theatre

The much-enjoyed market Tiny Traders Village will be relaunching in their new location at the Nuns Island Theatre on Saturdays, commencing on March 16.

Public lecture on the influential monks of Connacht

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Franciscan, Dominican, Carmelite, and Augustinian monks played a central role in the history of medieval Connacht, and that history will be discussed at a public lecture next week.

The Dominican school at Taylor’s Hill

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As the Penal Laws began to relax at the beginning of the 19th century and conditions became a little more lenient for Catholic religious orders, some of them began to think of a return to community life. The Dominican Nuns, whose community had flourished during Penal times, was now reduced to six. There was a lot of building going on in the area of their nunnery in Cross Street, and houses closed in their convent on all sides, making a life of strict enclosure very difficult. The sisters began to search for another house, more secluded, where they could follow their Rule, free from distraction.

Poor Clares publish a book to calm the soul

A city based enclosed order of nuns has produced a book aimed at calming and nourishing the soul.

Apathy for more of the same...

Galway peace group day of prayer and fast

Galway Peace Group’s 23rd annual 24-hour fast, and day of prayer for world peace, takes place on Saturday December 11 at the Poor Clare monastery, Nuns Island, Galway.


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