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Increase in people reporting ‘climate anxiety’ according to mental health charity Turn2Me

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, stated there has been a huge increase in the number of people with climate-related anxieties in Ireland.

Dott - an upbeat summer single about social anxiety

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AN ARTICLE on the satirical website Reductress recently, pointed out - and with a high degree of accuracy - how introverts are having "a ball" during lockdown.

Online counselling and introduction to mindfulness event

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Mary McHugh set up Irish Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (IOCPS) in 2011 in order to deliver an online medium for people who were struggling with depression and anxiety. Soon she discovered there were lots of people who were unable to access face-to-face therapy for various reasons, such as severe social anxiety, disability, family/work commitments, geographic location etc.

How to cope with maths anxiety

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A common problem for school-going children is getting to grips with mathematics. If students start to feel they are falling behind it is not too long before this can turn into a snowballing problem that becomes maths anxiety.

Does your child suffer from an anxiety disorder?

Children with anxiety problems may or may not act like anxious adults.

Mayo’s anxiety pill use outlined in new report

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Almost 10,000 people in Mayo are being prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety pills under the General Medical Services Scheme, a new report has shown.

Hypnotherapy may help with anxiety disorders

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Hypnotherapy is increasingly being recognised as an effective way to help people suffering from anxiety disorders, according to Michael McGuinness of the Mayo Hypnosis Clinic.

Nutritional therapy training in the west

Sometimes I feel quite anxious for no particular reason, can this be helped by good nutrition?

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a very debilitating issue, many people struggle with this issue. Performance anxiety can come under a lot of headings: social—groups, relationships, new people; sport—performance and media anxiety; artistic—stage, media performance anxiety; college, university, career performance anxiety.

Know your mind, free yourself

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Under immense pressure, many people in modern society are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, confused, and worried. Registered therapist Amanda Walsh, based in Castlebar, comments on the importance of normalising psychological therapy in Irish society. “What happens in the mind is vital to contentment, health, and wellbeing. This is where the therapy can help. Therapy aids one in developing tools and resources for dealing with life’s challenges. I believe it is vital to highlight for all, that the areas of stress, anxiety, and anger; panic attacks; sleep difficulties; social anxiety; habits; fears and phobias, can be effectively overcome in a relatively short space of time with long-term gains.”


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