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Treat your skin

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Olive has been used in skincare for thousands of years because of its ability to increase moisture levels and improve skin elasticity.

Look younger with anti-ageing serum from Annaghdown Seaweed Spa

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, large pores, skin blemishes and age spots with 24K Gold Serum (with SPF 15) which is available from Annaghdown Spa, Corrandulla, Co Galway.

Goodbye wrinkles...hello fillers and relaxers!

When it comes to ageing, we all know that prevention is always better than cure. No matter how many anti-ageing creams you have at home, the only way to completely get rid of that deep frown line or those crow’s feet around the eyes is with anti-wrinkle muscle relaxers.

Get the best for your skincare and hair removal needs at Laserderm

From zapping hair away, minimising those dreaded wrinkles and crows feet, to giving expert advice on proper skin health management Lisa Callaghan and the staff at Laserderm in Claregalway work tirelessly to provide their customers with top-notch service, putting them at ease, so that they leave the clinic feeling wonderful.

Saving face

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Purses at the ready, it’s time to make a beauty beeline to Aldi to stock up on its award winning Lacura Multi-Intensive Serum Anti Ageing (€4.79 50ml).

Introducing the two-step eye care system

Exclusive and only available to Boots, is the new L’Oreal Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye, €21.99.

Beautiful skin solutions from Estee Lauder

Dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with these new anti-ageing gems from Estee Lauder.

Vichy launches new anti-wrinkle range

Vichy’s new LiftActive CxP range has been created to reinforce anti-wrinkle and firming care with SPF15.

Halt wrinkles in their tracks

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A revolutionary new intensive anti-ageing moisturiser, which claims to mimic the effect of botox without the pinch of the needle or the pain of the price, is available locally.

Top ten anti-aging treatments

The age-old hunt for a youthful complexion is always topical during the summer. We all want to look our best, and as the sun emphasises lines and wrinkles, it is a reminder that another winter has passed, and nobody is getting younger. Soaking up vitamin D makes us feel good, but the sun’s rays are also damaging the skin. With many recipes and concoctions for face creams, anti-wrinkle treatments, and surgical procedures, there is a minefield of products to choose from. Finding the right treatment, however, will have you feeling and looking young and rejuvenated. Here are 10 of the top anti-aging treatments.


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