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Stay and Spend Scheme ignores many attributes of numerous inland counties

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Local Independent Deputy, Denis Naughten, has expressed disappointment that the Government’s new Stay and Spend Scheme has ignored older people who do not have a tax liability and inland counties with limited numbers of Failte Ireland approved accommodation.

My Kind Of Town - a vision for Galway after Covid-19

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Rev Lynda Peilow

My Kind Of Town - a vision for Galway post-Covid-19

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Martina O'Connor

Tourism well placed to lead economic and societal post COVID-19 recovery

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Dr. Tony Johnston, Head of Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies, Athlone Institute of Technology, spoke with the Athlone Advertiser this week and outlined how the tourism industry is well placed to lead the post-COVID-19 recovery as economies reopen.

Airbnb properties transferring to the private market

The landscape of the residential letting market has changed during the Covid 19 crisis. Deirdre Greaney, letting manager with Winters Property Management, explains why there is an increase in letting properties on the market.

Tourism — How the business of happiness can emerge from this crisis

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens was an American writer, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain. Among many achievements, he is credited with the saying “travel broadens the mind”. But something we have learned in recent weeks during this Covid-19 ‘lock in’ is that sometimes staying at home can do that too, or at least it can help refocus the mind.

Inspiring You launch #InspiringTomi schools competition

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Tomi Reichental is a man who unfortunately has been through a lot in his life. As a nine-year-old boy he was imprisoned in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Tomi lost 35 members of his family during the Holocaust but never lost his ability to show empathy to others. Anne Frank was a fellow prisoner in Bergen Belsen but sadly she didn’t survive.

Council must 'clamp down' on Airbnbs in the city

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The needs of tourism, and the ability of landlords to avoid restrictions on short term rentals, must not come before people who live in Galway city - especially those struggling to find accommodation.

Galway can’t waste another decade of indecision

Galway is great craic. Mighty craic. You can depend on Galway to give you what you want. A mighty place to go for the weekend. With the lads, and the girls. Jaysis, a place we can eat and drink and dance all night... And eat chips, clip clopping over the pebble stones or the medieval tarmac that lines the streets of our city and stagger back to the Airbnb sated. Galway is like that friend we all have who is always laughing and smiling. Even when he shouldn’t. The one you never take seriously because he is always smiling and laughing and having the craic.

‘Stranger in a strange land’

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The Claddagh is Galway’s most historic district, its foundation pre-dating that of the city, and it has always been proud of its native traditions and identity. Yet not only is the Claddagh a vivid link to Galway’s ancient past; the Claddagh National School, with its multi-racial student population, symbolises the cosmopolitan Galway of today while preparing its pupils for the Galway of tomorrow.


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