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'Age discrimination' preventing older workers from accessing Covid-19 unemployment payment

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Workers over the age of 66 should be made eligible for the Covid-19 unemployment payment and the acting Government must "stop discriminating" on the basis of age.

All For The Love of Mammy at Dean Crowe

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Margaret McKenna Mullan is back in The Dean Crowe Theatre for one night only on Thursday, March 22, with her play, All For The Love Of Mammy.

‘All for the Love of Mammy’ at Tuar Ard

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Margaret Mc Kenna Mullan is back with her play All for the Love of Mammy, showing at Tuar Ard Arts Centre in Moate on Saturday, October 7, from 8pm.

New on-line resource for entrepreneurs from retired experts

A new on-line mentoring service offering expert advice from retired people was launched this week, in the form of - “an online community of retirees contributing to the business landscape by imparting their expert knowledge and know-how to a younger generation of up and coming entrepreneurs.”

Senior moments are all part of growing old

The continuing imposition of ‘austerity measures’ yet again this week, with even more taxes to empty our coffers through new levies and cutbacks, is enough to make a body feel old. Imagine, though, if we all really were old right now in this modern youth-obsessed society of ours — what would it be like having to worry about not only funding our remaining years through a dwindling pension, but also the looming handicap of health issues?

Helping employers cope with the economic downturn

The speed at which Irish businesses have found themselves struggling to survive has been quite breathtaking. Many employers are faced with very difficult decisions and nowhere more difficult than in relation to their employees.


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