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Man fined for handling stolen phone

A Shantalla man who knowingly bought a stolen phone in order to sell it on was fined €200 at Galway District Court this week.

Man charged with Rossaveal Pier assault

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A Ballinasloe man charged in connection with a serious assault at Rossaveal Pier last weekend which left another man in a serious condition in hospital is due to appear before court again tomorrow.

Dispute leads to ex’s personal details being uploaded to Facebook, court hears

On-going issues between a Mervue man and his former partner led a number of safety order breaches, the assault of a garda, and personal details being uploaded on to Facebook, the Galway District Court heard.

Judge urges young people to think before they hit out

A district court judge has urged young people “to think before they hit out” as serious injury can be caused if someone falls in the wrong way.

Car theft accused gets eleven months suspended

A 23-year-old man, with 49 previous convictions, was given an 11 month suspended sentence at Galway District Court this week for the unauthorised taking of a vehicle.

Woman who had car stolen was told she could buy it back

A Longford man, who got “caught up with the wrong people” and embroiled in a unscrupulous scam in which calls were made to a woman offering to sell back a car stolen in a burglary, has been given a chance and ordered to carry out community service.

Asylum seeker jailed nine months for drug dealing

A 26-year-old asylum seeker was sentenced to nine months in jail for drug dealing after gardai raided his room seizing nearly €1,700 of cannabis herb, much of which was ‘bagged up’ for distribution.

Woman to pay €200 for pizza not paid for during Race Week

The cost of a pizza turned out to be rather pricey after a young Limerick mother, with 56 previous convictions, was fined €200 for leaving a popular city centre restaurant without paying and for failing to appear in court.

Two year road ban for dangerous driver

A car carrying a young child was forced to emergency brake when another motorist dangerously undertook on the inside, pull out in front, and then slammed on the brakes, the Galway District Court heard last week.

Man sentenced to nine months for mobile phone scam

A man who took part in a scam by accepting delivery of mobile phones bought with stolen credit card details had been using a false name and identification to get work in a Galway city centre shop after sneaking into the country from Belfast, the Galway District Court heard this week.


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