Keep the town centre in focus says Chamber

Mullingar Chamber believes that the town centre should remain the focus for locating retail and appropriate business development and that car parking rates should not be a disincentive for people to shop, socialise, and engage with business. “Tourism is crucial and the local authority must ensure that the next Rural Development Programme is extended to Mullingar and used to benefit this once great market town. I also believe a councillor’s role includes encouraging local authorities to introduce procurement policies that are not based solely on lowest pricing but also take into account incentivising innovation, supporting local business, and job creation for the area,” says chamber president Pat Whelan. “And I would extend that line of thought to say that money raised by the local property tax should be retained by local authorities and spent on local services.” Mr Whelan believes the Local, By- and European elections come at an important time as they are the first opportunity for the public to influence the newly reformed system of Local Government. “Mullingar Chamber recognises the importance of Local Government and values the work of our local councillors. We have worked hard to foster an effective relationship between the chamber and Westmeath County Council and this debate will offer candidates the chance to put forward their vision for the future and the role they intend to play.”


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