Troubled teenager breaches bail

A teenager has admitted breaching the terms of his bail just days after the conditions were imposed at Mullingar District Court.

Adam Daly, Abbeylands, Mullingar was in court on November 14 charged with a variety of public order offences and was ordered to remain at home between 9pm and 9am every day except Wednesday.

But on November 21 Judge Seamus Hughes revoked Daly’s curfew-free Wednesday and warned him that he’ll go to jail if he breaches his bail again.

On November 15 at 9.50pm he was seen cycling towards the Green Bridge in Mullingar but took a detour by the canal when he saw gardaí.

Later that night, at 12.45am he was seen out on the street under the influence of alcohol and gardaí sent him home.

Solicitor Louis Kiernan said his client admitted the breach and wanted to apologise.

He said Daly, who has a cannabis addiction, has made progress organising drug counselling since the last day and has hopefully turned a corner.

Daly said he’d gone home on the night in question but had no key to get in and went out again.

When Judge Hughes asked if Daly’s eyes were red because he’d taken cannabis, the young man said he has conjunctivitis and hadn’t taken his eye drops.

He said he hasn’t taken cannabis since he was last in court and found this difficult.

However, he said he has taken alcohol.

He also admitted he got money from his parents to pay drug debts. A week earlier he told the court that he’d spend €25 per day at least or as much as he could on cannabis even though he receives social welfare of just €100 per week.

Judge Hughes said it’s time Daly became pliable and stopped standing up to everyone, including the court.

“You’ll do what I tell you for all the reasons I told you last time,” he said, reminding Daly that he is from a very respectable family and is a promising athlete but is associating with all the wrong people.

Daly was also charged with drug possession and drug dealing charges relating to an incident at Grange Village on March 9 this year and those charges were adjourned to December.


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