Judge fines “young thug” for shouting

A man who randomly shouted in the face of an elderly man is to gather €500 compensation for him.

Judge Seamus Hughes was highly unimpressed with the “young thug” who approached the pensioner, whom the judge said had probably worked all his life, and was simply walking on the road as he is entitled to do.

William Farrelly (31 ), Kildalkey Road, Ballivor was with his brother and visiting cousin from London when gardaí were called to Bishopgate Street because of fighting at 8.50pm on June 18.

His brother Kevin Farrelly (22 ), Ballyboy, Athboy also got in trouble.

He called one Mullingar garda “a f***ing w****r” when he tried to intervene between a number of men fighting on the street outside the pub.

Kevin Farrelly, who has no previous convictions, was drunk, abusive, and continued to swear at gardaí.

He had never been in trouble before, but solicitor Louis Kiernan said the penny should have dropped with his older brother before now.

The father of two, a blocklayer’s labourer, may receive the benefit of community service if he is found suitable.

Judge Hughes gave Kevin Farrelly the opportunity to pay €250 to the Garda Benevolent Fund by September 28.

If it is paid, he will strike out the charge.


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