Green Bridge traffic has “gone beyond a joke”

The council is to ask the Gardaí to monitor traffic at Green Bridge, after receiving several complaints from councillors about the number of near misses and “persistent breaking of traffic lights” on the bridge.

Speaking at Tuesday’s town council meeting, Cllr Ken Glynn said the traffic situation on the bridge had “gone beyond a joke”.

“I’m on this junction every morning and there is continuous breaking of lights. Only for I saw a car coming, I would have been ploughed out of it. This is in a 50km zone. There are also a lot of pedestrians and it is extremely dangerous, laws are being broken,” he said.

He received support from Cllr Bill Collentine and Cllr Pat Collins, who said he had been “nearly killed” that morning on the bridge.

“The lights seem to be changing very quickly coming from the railway station. It is happening at every hour of the day; I don’t know how there hasn’t been a serious accident. It should be a priority at this stage,” said Cllr Collins.

Senior executive officer Declan Leonard agreed to write to An Garda Síochana to ask them to monitor traffic at the junction, with the intention of raising it at the next Joint Policing Committee meeting.

Mullingar Area Office is also to review traffic light sequencing at the junction.



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