Judge orders council to pursue bond companies

Solicitors for Westmeath County Council have been told to “get the finger out” and pursue bond companies who aren’t paying up for unfinished estates.

Judge Seamus Hughes made the blunt suggestion to David McEntee of Regan McEntee in Meath who act for the council in matters of planning and development.

The court heard how Fore Road Construction had been unable to sell a property which would have released enough cash for them to complete a development in Collinstown.

James Mackey for Fore Road Construction, c/o John McAuliffe, 1 Ballymount Road, Walkinstown, said the company is in the red and doesn’t have the €49,584 it needs to finish work at the estate.

It’s a small company, which built only 12 houses in three or four years.

Mr McEntee said the bond for the estate “is not forthcoming” at present but declined to comment on the issue in further detail.

The company was ordered to pay a fine of €400, Mr McEntee’s full costs of €1,450, and €1,000 of the council’s costs.

The court also made an order for enforcement for the work to be done, with Mr McEntee saying a year was too long, that residents are suffering.

The judge said they’ll have to realise that the company is probably bankrupt and said the sooner the council “get the finger out” and sue for the bonds to be redeemed, the better.

But he concluded by pointing out his sympathy for the residents.


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