Woman askes to be sent to Mountjoy

An emotionally disturbed woman who wouldn’t commit to Judge Hughes not to assault staff at St Loman’s hospital, has asked to be jailed.

“I want her to get better,” said the judge. “If it’s Mountjoy, so be it.”

The middle aged woman has poor impulse control and reading reports on her past behaviour, Judge Hughes noted that she has previously assaulted nurses, doctors, and family members.

A consultant psychiatrist received injuries while trying to restrain her as she attempted to assault others.

Members of the mental health professions are at risk of future violence, said the judge, requesting that she commit to assaulting no one if given her liberty.

The woman said she never wanted to assault staff but “I act on impulse”.

“I do be sorry after I do it, I don’t mean it,” she said.

“You don’t know what I went through at home. My brothers beat me up,” she told the judge as he asked for a solemn undertaking that she would commit no further acts of violence.

“It’s unacceptable to attack staff. I won’t tolerate it,” he said and briefly adjourned the case to allow her consider her position.

When she returned, the 53-year-old asked to be heard.

“I know you’re a judge, but there’s another judge who’s going to judge you too,” she said, admitting that she knew she had done wrong.

She admitted she used “vulgar language” and lost her temper but said she didn’t want to go home because her home wasn’t clean.

The nurse told her she was too lazy to clean it, she said.

Judge Hughes said his only concern was whether she would assault people in future and she declined to give a commitment.

“I can’t say that. I don’t know myself,” she replied, causing the judge to tell solicitor Louis Kiernan that he was sorry for his client, and add that “she’s not registering on the same planet as I am on”.

He said he was not getting through to her, and noted Mr Kiernan’s reference to her personality disorder, impulsivity, and narcissistic traits.

The judge told her he didn’t want to jail her, but saying she would try not to assault someone wasn’t good enough for him.

However, the woman said she would get help in Mountjoy and Judge Hughes imposed a two month sentence.


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