The Great Mullingar Turbo Cycle challenge

The Great Mullingar Turbo Cycle Challenge will take place from Sunday June 13 to Sunday June 20 (excluding Wednesday June 16 ) as part of Destination Sport and National Bike Week. It challenges the people of Mullingar to cycle as many kilometres as possible in a week. The challenge is a fun, free event for cyclists of all capabilities.

The challenge will involve turbo bicycles which are basically racing bikes with their wheels elevated off the ground in order to remain stationary. The distance recorded and displayed on a small digital screen on the bike by each person/team taking part in the event will add to the cumulative distance travelled by everyone taking part. At the end of the week, the total number of kilometres the people of Mullingar have cycled during the week will be revealed. The challenge for the people of Mullingar is to cycle 2,000km.

The organisers would like to promote healthy competition between teams. If your organisation wants to enter several teams why not have them compete side by side over the same hour? Or perhaps compete against rival businesses or clubs during, for instance a hotel hour, a factory hour, a GAA club hour, etc.

The event will run from 4pm-6pm from Monday to Saturday and 3pm-5pm on Sundays and will take place at the following venues: Sunday June 13: Market Square Plaza; Monday June 14: Fairgreen shopping centre; Tuesday June 15: Tesco shopping centre; Thursday June 17: Market Square Plaza; Friday June 18: Plaza outside the Town Park; Saturday June 19: Harbour Place shopping centre; and Sunday June 20: Dominick Square Plaza.

To take part you can either form a team of three or do so individually. All you need to do is email or phone Daryl on (044 ) 9332170 and book a time slot. Each team or individual will be allocated a bicycle and it is up to the team/individual to complete as many kilometres as possible during the allocated time slot. In terms of teams, each team member must complete approximately the same amount of time (eg in a team of three, for one hour, each member will complete approximately 20 minutes ).


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