Oxfam opens first midland charity shop in Mullingar

Oxfam Ireland is extremely proud to welcome shoppers to its new Mullingar shop on 3 Oliver Plunkett Street, which is the first Oxfam Ireland shop to open anywhere in the Midlands region. Oxfam’s official opening will commence at 11am next Thursday June 3 when the opening ceremony will be performed by a local celebrity!

The new shop stocks donated items ranging from clothes and books to accessories and homewares. Donating to Oxfam can help you get rid of some clutter and helps Oxfam Ireland with its aid efforts overseas in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can sort through your music collection and bring Oxfam the good condition records, tapes, and CDs you either no longer listen to or have already digitally upgraded to your MP3 player.

As Oxfam prides itself in providing its customers with top quality clothing and accessories, the shop can only accept donations of stock that is saleable.

Oxfam Ireland’s head of retail Trevor Anderson is overjoyed with the new premises and is keen for anyone travelling into Mullingar to pop in and discover not only a bargain but also a lot more about the overseas work the shop helps to fund, such as the East Africa Food Crisis where Oxfam Ireland is currently working to help people deal with the increasingly frequent and severe droughts that are devastating communities reliant on subsistence agriculture across the region.

Trevor said: “Oxfam Ireland’s work in providing humanitarian aid whenever there is a disaster throughout the world is known by everyone. However, Oxfam Ireland also campaigns for governments and global institutions to trade fairly and for the reduction of debt owed by developing countries.”

Contribute to the work of Oxfam Ireland by visiting the Mullingar shop, either with a donation of good quality clothes, books, and accessories, or by making a purchase.

Mullingar Oxfam shop manager Trudi Soysal is originally from Summerhill, Co Meath and moved to Mullingar 10 years ago. Trudi has been a retail manager since 2001 working in women’s accessories.

If you have some free time why not consider volunteering? Just call Oxfam Ireland on (01 ) 6727662.


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