Some 35 defendants due in court over threatening behaviour and possesion of weapons

Some 37 witnesses and 35 defendants will be before the court if a special sitting is arranged to deal with an incident involving Nevin, Dinnegan, and McDonagh family members.

The prosecutions, which have been before the court for several months are being brought by Sgt Kevin Mulvey and relate to an incident at Grange in May 2008.

Bernard Ward of Glenview Park, Ashe Lane, Sligo is charged with possession of a slash hook to commit an offence and with assaulting William O’Donoghue and causing criminal damage to a car. Patrick Nevin of 23 Grange Lawns faces a charge of possession of a slash hook to cause damage or injury and of damaging a car belonging to Paddy Dinnegan. He also faces a charge of threatening behaviour.

Thomas Dinnegan (39 ) of 143 Raithín, Ashe Road is charged with possession of a hatchet to cause damage to a house at Grange Lawns and Mark Donoghue of 29 Cathedral View is charged with possession of a length of timber to cause damage or injury.

Jamie Dinnegan of 224 Dalton Park is charged with possession of a hurley to commit an offence as well as resisting the sergeant.

James Dinnegan Sr of the same address is charged with threatening behaviour and obstructing the same sergeant. Willie Dinnegan of 4 St Joseph’s Terrace is charged with possession of a piece of timber to commit an offence and Anthony Dinnegan of Macetown, Cloughan is charged with assaulting Brian Ward and with threatening behaviour and intoxication.

Dozens more are charged with threatening behaviour.

Their cases have all been adjourned to March 18 in the hope of getting a date to hear them all.

Mr John Quinn said it was unlikely they could all be heard on a scheduled date and the judge advised the solicitors to communicate that to the chief clerk.

“If every defendant pleads it will take more than a day to deal with it,” said Mr Quinn.



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