Fine imposed after dog bites child

man whose dog bit the hand of an eight-year-old boy has been fined €250 and ordered to make a €500 contribution to the child.

Phillip Purcell of Anneville, Gaybrook, Mullingar pleaded guilty to possession of an uncontrolled dog which bit a child visiting a nearby house. His case had been adjourned to allow the dog warden visit his home to assess the quality of the fencing.

In September the court heard how the brown and white cocker springer spaniel was described by neighbours as very protective and while they had never had problems before, they wouldn’t feel safe around it.

The boy had been helping his father in the back garden of a nearby house and they had been aware of the dog all day. However, as the child was bringing his father’s tools to the front of the house, the dog grabbed his hand and wouldn’t let go.

The dog warden clarified for the court that she was happy the dog is confined to the property and is muzzled any time there are people near him. He has plenty of room for movement, she added.

She said it was not necessary for the dog to be put down.

Mr Louis Kiernan said his client had gone to considerable expense to erect proper fencing for the dog who is walked every day. The incident had been a “difficult experience” for his client, who had never been before the court previously.

A payment of €210 had been made to cover the child’s medical expenses.

Reminding Mr Purcell that “every dog owner has a strong obligation to public safety and the welfare of the dog,” the judge imposed the fine and ordered a financial contribution for the child.


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