Time to give something back?

I’m thinking it’s time to create a bit of good karma in the world. We’re all a bit down and out. There’s lots of moaning going on, which is fine. It can be therapeutic to get it all out. But that can end up getting you down as well. So perhaps it’s time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start looking at how we can help others who are worse off.

And trust me there are plenty of charitable opportunities out there at the moment, not least in our own locality.

Signatures are needed for a world record-breaking attempt.

The Westmeath volunteers club for the Niall Mellon Township Trust is attempting to set a record for the most signatures to a Christmas card, with the aim of smashing the world record in the Guinness Book of Records.

This Friday and Saturday, a giant Christmas card will be erected in Market Square, Mullingar, which members of the public are being encouraged to sign. Each signature costs just €2, and proceeds go to the group of local volunteers who will travel to Capetown in November to assist in one of the charity’s building projects. The card will be brought to Africa in November and given to the township people as a greeting from the people of Westmeath.

A typical township ‘shack’ will also be erected for Friday and Saturday in Market Square to give people an idea of what conditions these township people live in and why the Niall Mellon volunteers are so committed to travelling to Capetown.

The race is on to end homelessness.

Midlands Simon Community is to host the second annual ‘Race against Homelessness’ at AIT next weekend on Saturday October 3. The event is an excellent way for people across the Midlands to show solidarity with some of the most vulnerable in our society, to help end homelessness across the region, and to have a great day out.

Midlands Simon Community are now looking for people to join the race. The event will be a great fun day out for all the family, while also being an excellent opportunity for people to support those in our community who need our help. It is open to anyone who can run, walk, jog, or crawl the one-mile course!

Go pink and support Action Breast Cancer.

This Friday, September 25, is Pink Ribbon Day, and Action Breast Cancer, a programme of the Irish Cancer Society, is making an urgent plea to Westmeath people to support this very important fundraising event by buying pink ribbons and pins.

This year Action Breast Cancer is hoping to raise even more money for people living in Westmeath who have been affected by breast cancer. Items on sale for Pink Ribbon Day 2009 include pink ribbons (€2 ), pink ribbon pins (€3 ) and pink ribbon trolley key rings (€4 ).

All funds raised on Pink Ribbon Day go towards the vital development of services at Action Breast Cancer, providing free help and support for anyone concerned about breast health or going through a breast cancer journey.

These are just a handful of the events happening in the Midlands over the next few days and weeks. They’re all worthy causes. All it takes is a couple of euros and a little of your time. And who knows, helping others might even make you feel a bit better, and create some good karma. And I think we could all do with a bit of that.


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