Mullingar SF criticises education cuts

Mullingar Sinn Féin spokesperson Sorca Clarke has launched the party’s ‘Mol an Óige’ campaign this week.

The campaign aims to create an awareness of the “appalling cuts” which will soon come into effect in our primary and secondary schools and is expected to be expanded across the Midlands in the coming days.

“As a mother of young children I am utterly appalled at the cuts which will now come into affect as our children return to school,” said Ms Clarke at the rollout.

The name of the campaign comes from an old Irish proverb - “Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí. Bual sa tóin í agus titfidh sí” - which translates roughly as “Praise the youth and they’ll come on, kick them and they’ll fail”.

Ms Clarke went on to list her party’s grievances with the expected cuts.

“Class sizes are set to increase, resources will be slashed, book grants are abolished and children will continue to be educated in dilapidated, overcrowded buildings and prefabs even though building new schools would create employment,” she said.

“I, and countless other parents and teachers have had enough. Our children did not cause this recession. They should not foot the bill for this Government’s incompetence. Now is the time to fight back.

“I am urging all parents, teachers and all those who will not stand for attacks on our schools to join us in our campaign. Our message to the Government is clear – Stop the cuts in education now, invest in our country's future - Mol an óige is tiochfaidh sí.”


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