‘Ditsy’ withdraws legal aid application

Christy ‘Ditsy’ Nevin asked to withdraw his legal aid application at Mullingar District Court and said he was not intimidated by the presence of Criminal Assets Bureau officers.

Mr John Quinn presented a statement of means to the court but pointed out that it was out of date, that Mr Nevin’s social welfare had been revoked.

He said his client was considering making his application to the Circuit Court because he would have a difficulty with representation if not granted legal aid.

Judge Neilan pointed out that the court was “not for one moment” suggesting that Mr Nevin was not entitled to legal aid and said he should not feel intimidated to apply for it.

“He does feel intimidated,” replied Mr Quinn; however, Mr Peter Jones took issue with this, saying it was “unfair” of Mr Quinn to say this.

He had been in the witness box, preparing to take the oath when he asked to speak to the CAB officer, Detective Martin Harrington, who was present and taking notes.  

“It was Mr Nevin who asked to speak with the officer. If Garda Harrington was attempting to intimidate him, I don’t think he’d ask to speak to him,” added Mr Jones.

“He’s entitled to be here,” he said.

Mr Nevin intervened to say: “There’s no one intimidating me. I’m not intimidated by anyone in this court”. He added that perhaps he hadn’t been clear in his instructions to Mr Quinn.

“I’ll deal with it the next day. I’m going to plead guilty anyway,” he said.

When the judge said he hoped that anyone who wanted legal representation would be able to get it, Mr Nevin said, “I’m more than thankful to you. I have no money to pay for a solicitor”.

However when invited to take the stand again, he said he didn’t want to and nodding in the direction of the CAB officer, added “The Garda will say what he wants to say”.

“If I’ve no solicitor, it doesn’t make any difference at the end of the day. I’m pleading guilty anyway.”

The CAB cases were adjourned to December 10 and legal aid was deferred.

Mr Nevin, who was previously described in court as “one of the main instigators” of the feud, is charged with threatening to shoot CAB officers when they visited him at the halting site. 


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