Mullingar rioters told to keep away from Dalton Park

The 11 men charged in connection with last week’s riot involving two hundred people in Dalton Park, Mullingar have all been released on bail and told to stay away from Dalton Park.

The men from Mullingar, Navan and Dublin appeared at a remand sitting in Tullamore District Court on Bank Holiday Monday where the public gallery was packed.

Superintendent John Gantly told the court Gardaí would consent to bail on strict terms but did not require a substantial independent surety.

Judge Gerard Haughton responded by formally remanded each man to appear at Tullamore District Court on August 18 and granted each defendant bail on his own bond of €300 with a cash lodgement of €300.

The men from Mullingar, Dublin, and Navan aged between 21 and 70 all agreed to the conditions which included an order not to engage in direct communication with opposing parties except through an agreed mediator.

They also agreed to stay away from the residences of the opposing parties and are not to gather or reside at specified addresses. They were ordered to stay away from licensed premises, to keep the peace and be of good behaviour and not to commit any further offences.

The men were ordered to sign on twice weekly at named Garda stations, with Judge Haughton deciding that members of the McDonagh would sign on on Mondays and Saturdays and members of the Nevin family would sign on on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Judge Haughton confirmed that each man understood the conditions of his bail and they were asked to initial each page of the bond.

The men were not allowed to leave the court until provided with a copy of the bond. These are usually sent by post but Judge Haughton expressed a concern that issues might arise if a breach of the conditions occurred before the men had received their documentation a few days later.

Patrick McDonagh (70 ) of Dalton Park, David McDonagh (26 ) and Michael McDonagh (36 ), both of Reask Court, Navan, Michael McDonagh(24 ) Northern Close, Belcamp Lane, Coolock, John Nevin (25 ) and James Nevin (23 ) of St Michael’s Park, Mullingar, and John McDonagh, (33 ) of Dalton Park, Mullingar all face charges under the Public Order Act.

In addition to a public order charge, John Nevin (21 ) of 174 Dalton Park is charged under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act with having a two-foot long sword and David Nevin (30 ) of St Michael’s Park, Mullingar and Hugh Nevin (21 ) of Grange Crescent, Mullingar each face a charge of assault.

Superintendent John Gantly advised the court that Mr Christy ‘Ditsy’ Nevin (53 ), of St Michael’s Park, Mullingar who faces public order charges, has a serious problem with alcohol.

However Judge Haughton advised that if there were a breach of the bail conditions in any case he would find it very difficult to ignore that to re-release anybody.

He said that it was a matter for Mr Nevin himself to take treatment for his alcohol problem if necessary and he undertook, through his solicitor, to adhere to his bail conditions.

Judge Haughton told the Gardaí that there was no need to wait for a scheduled hearing if one of the men broke his bail conditions and advised them that he would be available at any time for a special court.

At Tullamore District Court on the Wednesday following the riot Judge John Coughlan had denied bail to John Nevin of 174 Dalton Park, his cousin James Nevin of 6 St Michael’s Park and John McDonagh of 185 Dalton Park because he was satisfied with Garda evidence that the men were likely to interfere with witnesses and to re-activate violence in Mullingar.

James Nevin was described as one of the main instigators of the violence.

Detective Garda Adrian O’Reilly described the riot as involving approximately 200 people, with about 100 people on each side. Gardaí seized items used in the incident including golf clubs, samurai swords, petrol bombs, chainsaws and garden implements.

All of the men have been released and will return to Tullamore District Court on August 18.


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